Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shocked, Speechless, and Scared!

My beta is scheduled for Wednesday, January 28th. This past friday I stopped by Target on my way home to pick up a few necessities. My sister called to see what I was up to and immediately asked if i was going to test soon. I told her that I probably wasn't because I was so sure that IUIs would not work with us. I was already looking ahead to IVF in the next few months. I thought about it and decided to pick up a box just in case I decided to test. I got home from Target and realized that I hadn't used the bathroom in more than 4 hours. Why not I thought. If it's negative then it could still be early. If it's positive I can tell my mom on her birthday tomorrow. I was 10DPO and used the first stick. I let the dogs back in from outside and went to grab the test to take upstairs with me as I jumped on the TTTC board. I looked down as I picked the test up and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me....two lines! Not a faint line, but a light pink first line. I called my husband shaking and told him the news. I called my sister and then my mom (so much for the surprise....I couldn't wait) I also have never felt more scared in my life. What if it was a faulty test? What if the next test I took came out negative? I tested again that night after holding my urine for 4 hours. Another positive! Today is 12 DPO and I have gotten a positive each day with the line getting slightly darker each day. I won't feel that this is real until my beta results come back. I'm calling the RE first thing in the morning to see if they can get me in sooner. I really hope this is our miracle cycle. Stick little poppy seed stick!


More tired than usual but that's it so far. I wish I felt something more.

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  1. Congratulations!!!

    How exciting. I totally know the excitement of telling everyone. Something you've been waiting for for so long, how could you keep it in?

    As you said, "Stick little poppy seed, stick!"