Thursday, January 8, 2009

IUI #2-monitoring

Sperm meeting egg picture courtesy of and brought to my attention from ghjunkie on the TTTC board.

I had my CD9 appointment today for IUI #2 and left pleasantly surprised!

It started off really shitty because they have a new nurse doing blood work. She looks at my arm where there are two very visible veins, feels around, and says that she can't feel the vein. I told her that I always get complimented on my veins (I'm quite proud of them thank you very much!) At this point I'm thinking that this is not going to go well. I've always hated needles but after getting my blood drawn 10 times in the last month I've sadly gotten accustomed to the pinch. I wasn't feeling easy about any part of this. As she's prepping me I'm trying to take deep breathes so that I don't have an anxiety attack. She puts the needle in as sloooooooooooowly as she possibly could. It hurt like hell. I feel sorry for all of those ladies that have hard to find veins.

I went in for my ultrasound and the tech said my lining looked nice and thick (thank you). She looked at my right ovary and didn't find anything over 10. At this point I was fearing the worse. I'm not responding to the drugs. Thankfully my left ovary gets the gold star! I have 2 follies sized 14 and 15 growing beautifully!! I have monitoring appointment #2 on Saturday. The doctor said that I will probably be ready for IUI 2 early next week....yay! I'm really excited about having 2 targets....go get em tiger!

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