Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here we Go

Not too sure how this whole blog thing is going to work. To be honest, I don't even now how regularly I'll update it. It's being created in an attempt to get out some frustrations, anxieties, and fears I have concerning IF and the depressing road it makes us travel down. Bear with me as I learn how to blog and let's all hope for some good news soon.

Today is day 3 of our second cycle with my RE. My ultrasound looked good (no cysts) and I'm well on my way to IUI #2. We are dealing with severe MFI and PCOS. Although IUI isn't the ideal option for us it is covered 100% by insurance for an unlimited amount of tries. Needless to say we're trying this first while we try to scrounge up the insanely large out of pocket sum of money for IVF. I was hoping that the doctor would move me onto injectables this cyle since Jeremy's postwash count was only 1.4 million for our first cycle. He wants us to try one more clomid cycle first. I'm not holding my breath but do believe that anything can happen in the TTC world. Here's to all of us struggling with IF and the good news that will make its way to us soon.